About Mashup.se

Mashup.se is a Swedish site about APIs and open data. It is managed by Andreas Krohn at Dopter.

API blog

One of the main sections of Mashup.se is the API blog that mainly covers Swedish and international API news. Once a week it is time for the weekly API Monday post that summarize the past weeks API news. Furthermore we publish in-depth posts about Swedish APIs as well as interviews with Swedish API providers and users. Today Mashup.se is the biggest Swedish blog dedicated to APIs.

Swedish API directory

In the API directory we have collected over 200 Swedish APIs. This is the largest directory of Swedish APIs and we created it to make it easier for local developers to find local APIs. Many times these local Swedish APIs have unique data or functionality that international APIs do not. Examples are APIs from the Swedish parliament or APIs with reviews of Swedish companies.

About Dopter

Mashup.se is a service from Dopter AB. We are a small company based in Sweden that focuses on creating value with APIs. We consult customers about API business strategies and technical solutions. Dopter also develops APIHQ which is a service to make APIs more accessible and easier to get started with.

About Andreas Krohn

Andreas Krohn is the main blogger and administrator of Mashup.se. He has been working with APIs and open data since he worked as a Product Manager at Kapow Technologies. Lately he has been involved in Trafiklab which is a joint API portal for several major public transport companies in Sweden. Andreas is regularly presenting the potential and best practices of APIs at conferences.

Contact Andreas via andreas@dopter.se, @andreaskrohn or +46 709 780794.